More than 60 years of constructive experience

Construcciones Vegalpa is a company founded in 1992. It merges more than sixty years of experience in the construction of residential buildings built by its founder, Avelino Palacio Río, with the new technologies, methods and perspectives that their children bring.

The result is a balance between the traditional and the modern that has a result that can be summed up in one word: quality. Quality in the service offered and quality in the product delivered, always with the maximum guarantees.

It is enough to know the reputation of Avelino Palacio and Vegalpa to be sure that their offer is the one that will adapt to their demands.

Tradition and evolution

We change our corporate image, we adapt and improve as our works do.

Plomada de plata

Vegalpa has been awarded with the silver plummet in 1992 and 2016 and with an honor diploma in 2011.

Warranty on quality and service

Technical projects
We have architects, surveyors and production staff on staff, which we put at your disposal to perform the technical project you need.
Constructions and reforms.
Turnkey projects. We take care of everything necessary so that the buyer enters to live in a fully conditioned and functional space.
Adequacy and Reform of Commercial Premises and Social Centers.
The versatility of the project and construction team allows us to undertake large works in this field, taking into account all the legality and current regulations for all end uses.
Restoration or Rehabilitation of Public Buildings and Equipment.
We recover buildings attending to all the technical, historical and structural aspects of each work. We give a new life to buildings.

Quality and taste are reflected in each of our jobs. Without losing sight of the avant-garde design and the latest innovations, VEGALPA offers its own style that personalizes its constructions. In each promotion you will always find a range of homes that suit your needs.